Account Based Marketing

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What is account based marketing?

Account-based marketing is a form of marketing that uses highly targeted, personalized campaigns to win over particular accounts. Rather than relying on blanket campaigns that are meant to appeal to an entire market, ABM treats “individual accounts as markets in their own right”. ABM is a strategy that directs marketing resources to engaging a specific set of target accounts. In essence, high-value accounts or prospects are identified, key stakeholders in these businesses are targeted, and then marketing strategies are implemented through various channels to appeal to their specific personas and needs.

Account Based Marketing Strategy

Identify Prospects

On basis of your existing customer identify new Ideal customer. This process will likely consist of both quantitative and qualitative research. These are the key accounts that have the potential to contribute the most to the revenue of your company.

Assess Key Decision makers

Once we identify target organizations, learning more about how decisions are made at these target accounts, determining who the decision makers are, and learning more about how decisions are made are the key components to this step.

Define and create targeted campaigns

Once We chosen your target accounts and individuals, you need to develop personalized campaigns. Keep in mind that building and nurturing relationships is central to a successful ABM program.

Measure and optimize

We Analyze the data to see how campaigns are performing and optimize it for better performance. Account-based marketing measurement is vastly different from demand generation measurement. From the top of the funnel to the bottom.

Use media to reach

We Launch ABM campaigns to the target account. Campaigns can include an array of tactics, including email, special events, direct mail, ads, and more.

We understand your product and services to identify Ideal customer.
We assistance you align your sales and marketing teams for effective ABM.
We create creative tailored campaigns & better buyer retention.
We help you accelerate your ROI with customized Account-based content syndication and lead generation campaigns.
“I define account-based marketing as total marketing and sales alignment around who are target customers and the efforts to go get them. They align with the same outcome in mind: to get a specific account as a customer.”
Dave Rigotti
VP of Marketing, Bizible

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