Highly Qualified Leads

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Highly Qualified Leads

Every Business want to build strong sales in business with Highly qualified leads. Such leads helps to increase ROI Rate. Qualified leads are result of strategic plan and right execution. To have qualified leads is combination of using BANT. BANT is a sales qualification framework used to identify and pursue the most qualified prospects based on their Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline.

High quality Leads are the key to a successful business. They improve productivity and minimize cost. Our lead generation programs are designed to suit your marketing and sales processes. Our team is specialized in identifying leads with problems that can be solved by you. We qualify them as a SQL for you.

When you outsource your lead generation process, one of the major advantage that becomes visible early on is the performance of unqualified leads. With targets and incentives in place, the sales team goes after the SQLs.

Using BANT

Budget - What is the prospect’s budget?
Authority - Does the prospect have the decision-making authority, or is she an influencer?
Need - What is the prospect’s business need?
Timeframe - In what timeframe will the prospect be implementing a solution?

Our Highly Qualified Leads Generation Process

Groupon Technologies is Perfect place where you get High Qualified Leads to increase ROI. We use multi-channel B2B lead generation to ensure that meet right customer at right time. We have a experienced agents using right techniques to generate qualified leads.

Exceedingly skilled
Expert Lead Generation Agents
Established techniques

How Our Lead Generation Service Works

We working with thousands of clients across globe understanding there produce and service , designing creative campaigns with our experience.



work on list of companies that matches with your target customer profile.


We do accounts profiling of key prospects with in targeted companies.


We approach prospects with multiple channels with relevant communication.


Set appointment of prospect with right people for confirmation.

Key Features & Benefits

Customer is Aware about product/service

Increase your ROI on Investment

Present your brand in correct way for sales

Increase Sales & Customer Loyalty

“The Sales team owns the sales funnel. But as a B2B marketer , you feed the top of their funnel.”

– Doug Kessler

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