Targeted Content Syndication

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Targeted Content Syndication

Business creates high quality content in form of white papers, blogs, videos , case studies etc. Content syndication allows you to deliver your white papers, blog posts, infographics, case studies and other informational content to your target audience by leveraging our Demand Monster team. Result of Content syndication is breaching gap between demand & supply of your content. In todays competitive market its audience is gained by some one else even though your content was good. People like to read structured content.

For creating high quality content it takes time , planning & resources. Where your shot of this you can start outsourcing content syndication services to GroupOn Technologies. Our major goal in this is creating brand awareness & reaching maximum audience. Targeted audience discuss your about your company , product services with there closed network and other network. fundamental goals of content marketing, which is enhanced lead generation.

Maximum Value
Improve Brand Awareness
Enhance Lead Generation
Broader Reach

Our Targeted Content Syndication Process


Create/Edit Content

Content syndication increases your visibility in the market place

Plan Distribution

Design Campaign to reach maximum target audience

Tracking Outreach

Analysing campaign to know ROI with matrices


Changing campaigns to increase outcome , reach more audience

Key Benefits of Targeted Content Syndication

Improving your website’s visibility
Gaining industry Audience
Enhancing your brand value
Developing long-term relationships with your prospects
Building trust with your buyers

Content is the fuel for your lead generation efforts.    – Dayna Rothman

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